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    Jeremy York Present Toxic Workplace Culture: What Do You Do?

    Date: September 16, 2021, 11:30am
    Morrisson-Reeves Library- Bard Room, 80 N Sixth Street, Richmond, IN 47327
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    Luncheon Meeting
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    Why and how do workplace cultures become toxic? The funny thing is that very few employees come into work with the intention of behaving in an interrupting, unkind, or unproductive fashion. People have good intentions. Most of the time, however, a toxic culture is the result of small, unhappy interactions that build up and create a whole community that unintentionally supports bad or not-so-helpful behavior. This subject makes news headlines but there are very few public discussions about how to prevent toxicity or change it. This presentation will discuss how HR can prevent toxic workplaces.

    Learning Objectives:

    •        Discuss workplace toxicity; define what it is and why it isn’t an imaginary problem.
    •        Understand how toxicity impacts workplace cultures and the cost of avoidance.
    •        Identify signs of a toxic workplace and discuss how toxicity manifests itself in the                       workplace.
    •        Learn strategies for affecting change and addressing toxic workplace behaviors.

    If you want your company to succeed, you have to put into place strategies that allow your people to succeed. As founder and president, Jeremy ensures that InvigorateHR does just that. Through his leadership, InvigorateHR develops and delivers client-specific solutions that are tailored to meet clients' needs and enhance their business. Jeremy has over 20 years' experience in human resource strategy and operations. Holding various HR leadership roles, he has worked with and advised all levels of management on critical business and people-related issues. These items include HR strategy, performance management, strategic planning, talent management, and so on. 

    Jeremy's expertise in defining and understanding the "big picture" enables him to translate business needs into tangible solutions. With his guidance, organizations have improved employee relations, increased performance, and developed cultures based on mutual trust and respect.