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    Monthly Chapter Meeting

    Date: January 9, 2020, 11:30am
    IU East - First Bank Richmond Community Room
    Free for members; $20 for paying members.
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    Luncheon Meeting
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    Join us for our January Chapter Meeting featuring Stefanie Krievins.

    10 Reasons People Won’t Change: How HR Can Support Change Management Initiatives in Your Business

    Description: Contrary to popular belief, change isn’t hard. Yet it often feels that way. Instead learning the necessary skills and staying focused on the right kind of change requires focus, which is hard to come by in most organizations. There are core strategies you can use to support your managers in their change needs. During this presentation, Stefanie will share the ten most common reasons people and teams don’t change their behaviors in order to create new business results. She’ll also then share 10 ways you can support these teams through specific development practices.

    You’ll walk away learning:

    • How organizational change and individual change are interconnected, but not the same thing
    • The variety of factors that impact an individuals’ ability to change
    • What managers expect from HR when it comes to change management
    • Development activities you can support and coordinate to support teams

    About Stefanie Krievins

    Stefanie Krievins focuses her coaching and training on workplace cultures that love their people and want them to stay and take ownership of their results. Her clients are typically leaders and teams struggling with conflict and stalled growth and want to innovate and grow again. Using solution-focused coaching methods, both individuals and groups find new solutions to old problems, work collaboratively, and design processes that skyrocket their success. Learn more at